Sunday, October 24, 2010

A Proposal

...........It was a cool breezy night, as he looked out of the window his eyes shone more than the moon. Dressed to kill, he goes out pocketing the symbol of all his warmth and affection, the symbol of respect and admiration, of purity and truth in his love. That spark in his eyes were probably only matched by her charming smile, breathtakingly beautiful! was the very purpose of this mans existence. As they made there way in, the existence pauses his purpose and puzzles her with the inevitable question "Dear, I won't ask questions because silence will follow,But I just want to know how long my heart will be hollow" as true as they both were the answer was there even before the beginign of all time, before me and before you, before even them and it was an answer to complete his existence, and a meaning to the purpose...............

The sentence in quotes, was found somewhere on the net.