Monday, January 17, 2011

Lament, Rejoice and a promise.

For too long I have put you in the dark,
far too long had gone, I am missing the spark!

Where were you my dear love,
where in the entire wide world were you?
Hidden from plain sight,
I couldn't find you my dear love, I couldn't find you,
try however hard I might.

Along the way there were distractions,
all but two of them mis-attractions,
way too bright was the essence of their light,
but, oh not me, not me!,
it was always another in their cross-hairs sight.

I come back to you my simple love,
I realize, where you were,
was where I had left you.

And I promise now my dearie,
you shall always be my beloved angel,
for your unconditional love is what I seek,
and come what may, in any other contender,
I shall keep you in my heart and never lose you again!

♥ visa!


  1. It is someone's argument. Unconditional love is to love without conditions. But falling in love itself means you like a "specific" category. You are making someone special. You already placed a condition. It isn't unconditional anymore.

    The argument I guess goes by sheer logic. Just a thought.

    But the poem is awesome! :-)

  2. you are totally love drunk my friend!

  3. Teju goes by blogging world name! and thanks :).

    lol @ sharkey!

  4. baagundi, bagundi.....echoed some of my feelings....

  5. lovely poem! btw who/what are the 'two'? ;)

  6. Prema mattulo munigipoyene visa gaadu arere king visa gaad......nice one raaa kadilinchaav