Friday, July 9, 2010

Ensuing fight

Well my friend. Dreams most of them, or all,
with only the hope to achieve them, is not sufficient at all,
the universe is a strange place afterall,
without a fight it seems it doesn't prize what you dreamed,be it big or be it small.

If what you want is what you dream,
enter then the paradox of men,
life will be tough and it will be mean.

Further ahead as you move,
life will be vile and make u a fool,
there will be a while where you fight to just keep your dreams alive.

Lose not the hope then my friend and more significantly loose not the will to fight for them!



  1. nice poem visa! Yeah, universe doesnt give you something just cos you hope or dream for it... you need to want it, you need to fight for it :)

  2. I call this poem "Lanky" coz dis is wat u presented to me as a skeleton..
    Its sensible, unlike ur other stupid bunch of words which u call as poems :P:P

    PS: I tried commenting in ur way..and in my way..its a nice poem Visa..keep it up :)

  3. haha :)

    I dont have just one way, you know...there are many!

  4. nice poem V.. i dunno why but the same thought has been running through my head for the last couple of months...

  5. We are all in similar phases ...

  6. OHT! free advice: stop flying, start walking.