Sunday, August 2, 2009

The Agony!

Of wasted chances,
of lost dreams,
of shattered hopes and broken hearts,
of the things one could have done and of the things one shouldn't have done,
of those haunting night mares and recurring shivers,
it minds not the place nor the time
forever shall remain it's maim,

The agony goes on,
the agony goes on lest it encounters hope,
the hope that dreams can still be pursued,
the hope that ways can still be mended,
that cause is not lost and purpose undefeated,
for without this hope and the dream,
hath not the one a man, but a stone chipped off from the sculpture of universe.

Lose not the dream my friend,
and lose not the hope to achieve it!!!



  1. :)
    heart felt.. and I can relate to it.. well written V.

    btw.. 1 small thing.. the spelling is 'lose', not 'loose' (as in opposite of tight)

  2. i know!!!!
    i was banging my head after seeing that!

  3. dude.... well written. Today has not been the best of days for me... one of my close friends from school is leaving for MS in a couple of days. Its like for the last one year I have just been saying goodbye. So, you can guess the effect of your poem...

  4. oh my!! that was an interestingly profound poem from you KING! i am impressed!! nice going!!

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  6. yo visa!! it was so good that i've got you an award!! :) .. check my blog for details

  7. nice poem visa!! waiting for next set of rock star kinda poems which suit ur image :):)

  8. yeah me and a rockstar!!!

    i should listen to ur explaination on how it would suit me!

  9. n1 king

    explanation of visa being a rockstar
    as far as i remember, there should be a pic of KING_V holding a guitar in 2nd year like a mace, over his shoulder. (It was his dp for quite a while)
    KING, post that pic on bfr group plz