Sunday, October 11, 2009

In his heart!

A girl there was,
the sweetest and cutest to ever walk under the blue blue skies,
giggling and smiling all the while,
a bouquet of roses she was.

So pretty, so nice!!

A girl there was ,
with a wholesome heart and a goodwill thought,
an angel from heaven or heaven herself?,
always in an awe he was.

So tender, so nice!!

A girl there was,
never did she hurt anyone,
never did she hate anyone,
always caring she was.

So pure, so nice!!

A girl there was,
with a spark in the eye,
and a charm in the smile,
wow! what a girl she was.

So beautiful, So nice!!

His heart,
young and fickle it was,
insane and unwise,
never did he realize,
head over heals in love it was.

So confused, so crazed!!



  1. given there was a was an imaginary girl and there was a confused guy, in the present he may not understand his feelings in the past.... the yes or no question is a little weird. Its like the guy assumed a million things and brought it to a question.... more like the connection between the two people is not clear, unless you want people to think its about 'your' story :)

  2. My story???,
    I don't have one!
    btw the connection is clear ... think un till we meet next time
    if ur bored to death that is....