Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Life's all so sad!

Life's all so sad!,all so sad!
I miss the endless night outs and nocturnal lifestyles,
miss the anc, miss the sac,
miss the beautiful peacocks moving about the lawns,
miss the insti and,
the misty mornings filled with joy.

Miss my friends for they are the ones who made the place a heaven for what it was,
miss the statues, miss the games
miss the dark eyed gamers, ever present to answer your calls,

Amiss were the classes always in pilani, and for what they were they'll always be missed,
the very poor jokes, and the wierd comments,
will there ever be a time when i wont miss them,
endless useless movies and forever continuing animes will there be ever a time,
when i can follow them with same intensity.

what a beautiful experience it really was!

I miss her,
I miss them all!
I miss them all!


  1. nice poem... tranquil and heart felt. BTW you labels are funny.. 'earnest' lol, i think the poem should speak for itself :D

  2. hehe well.....just thought id preserve the feeling too

  3. n1 re....u almost made me cry...
    ahhhh im already missing fried maggi :(

  4. N1 visa...btw i just hope the 'HER' at the end is BITS and not the "you know what" ;)

  5. nice one........i cud imagine how ur campus life was reading dis poem..
    mention our ps1 in ur next poem :P

  6. LOL!! i somehow found it rather funny.. if i may say so... dunno why... it might be due to my nature to laugh at anything sad... anyway nice one...

  7. aww.. nice re V.. u summed it up nicely. :)