Sunday, February 10, 2013

______________________________________Simpler Troubles_________________________________

Troubles you what!?

She cares about me not!

What about all the things she said,
all the things she did;

I don’t know, I don’t know,
she confuses me a lot!

Tell me more

She twinkles like a star,
so distant and far!
Come every night I fall for her.
There, I see her by the lake.
I try to reach her.
 she disappears,
 leaving nothing but a wave.
I look back at the sky and there she is,
My twinkling star, so distant and far!

I wonder, I wonder,
whether the problem is with you or with her?

There is nothing wrong with me,
It is her stupidity.
To not see me for what I could be.

You are not what you could have been!
Then why blame her for what she should have seen?

Taken her side have you?
Without any consideration for my position or view.

Don’t feel sad,
or be at me, angry and mad,
I know it is indeed pitiful for your love is very true!

What counsel do you have then for me?
If at all you are wise enough to give any.

Simple, Let go of her

Simple but not easy

Don’t bother, don’t bother,
 time will heal you
and put your heart in good order.


  1. may the girl read this and realize what she is missing :)

  2. Unrequited love! Why is it titled "simpler troubles"?

    1. This is a much simpler issue that can be dealt with, there are problems bigger than this.

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