Saturday, January 16, 2010


I exist, I exist, I exist,
Day in and day out I exist
and why I think ,
may be for thinking all day long why I exist?,
though I don't find answers I still exist
and wonder why?

people said..we exist to reach god...
I wonder if god knows why he exists

Does an ant know why it exists?
does a plant know why it exists?

Do you know why you exist?

yet you exist and so do I...
to what end and purpose, knowing not,

puzzling and strange the problem persists,

and what shall happen when I cease to exist and get out of the system.
intriguing the possibilities.......Dire the consequences for the one who loves and cares.
In-spite of all this, get tangled I will in all of life...seeking knowledge seeking joy..not being crazed and unhappy ,as its certain I wouldn't know.



  1. i feel the same way abt me :P.. gud 1 :)

  2. still u dint get the answer y u exist???? even I keep thinking in the same question is "why are we all contemporary and saving same 4th dimension called "time"........God must have thought of some reason before making us all contemporary..den i think y we can visualize only 4 dimensions......... den i think about NaCl structure and go back to sleeeep :)):)

  3. nicely done visa my boy!! i dont abt others but i do know why achpw exists... to BECOME :P

  4. why does this blog exist in the first place?? achou has a purpose to fulfill....

  5. Nice work.....except for people who do think about God or a higher purpose never see life as a system. So death and life are cycles in a higher stream of conciousness.
    As for my opinion (I think we have talked about this, many times) :D -
    To me all that is unfathomable since none of it is palpable. We are after all in a way driven by our senses and emotions. The question about why we exist in itself poses three problems:
    1) we are a part of life, and a part of something can never comprehend the entire system. (eg. how the brain can never be completely understood since there has to be a part of it trying to understand the rest always... its like a tricky math algorithm)
    2) the second is that questioning our existence is a manifestation of the meanings we have attributed to language that we have created. Its called linguistic philosophy or something that disproves the validity of such questions.
    3) the third and more compelling issue according to me is that asking such a question invariably assumes that we are somehow supposed to be special. I agree life is special (just considering the improbability of it happening), but expecting us (especially human beings) to have a higher purpose is more of our ego talking than anything else. Why is God given a human form? Its again to kinda not make God unreachable. Its kinda in the our nature to want and to believe that we are special. We are the top of the evolution capable of complex thought and hence we are supposed to have a great meaning. To me those arguments seem like they are the manifestations of ego than anything else. You could say there are people who claim or believe to have understood meaning and purpose, a) each ones definition is for themselves and b) how are you sure that the sages are not just delusional, after all they did see Gods the way they were described in scriptures :P

  6. @ sailu n1 n1 :D

    @sharkey ...ther is this popular statement made by athesits..recently there was a caping in uk about practicing athesim ..silly anyhow..

    Bible says: In the begining there was nothing then god created man!

    Athesits: In the begining there was nothing, then man created god...

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