Thursday, November 12, 2009

On Indian railways!-------by my sister

Railways are very ancient,
their features are very salient!
they take us to our destination.
And to children they are of great fascination!

The glory of railways is emphatic,
to study their history is enigmatic
without showing any discrimination .
they carry people of different generations!

--Sri Gouri


  1. cute poem :):)
    gouri is undoubtedly better dan her bro as a poet :P:P

  2. tell your sister that her poem was very nice.
    btw whats your fetish for very silly tags for your posts? :D

  3. @sharkey whats the piont of explaining a fetish!!

    @sandhya... I give you permission to go and kill yourself!.....trying to get back at me for the negeative comment on yours??? hehe