Tuesday, October 25, 2011

First Love and Gears!

A strict definition of  love doesn't exist and by extension first love cannot also be defined in any clear manner, what I would be referring to in all that follows here though is the first time  that you feel some sort of a mostly unexplainable attraction and affection,particularly your late teen years ( i.e in your under-grad years).

People who do fall in love in those years and see it through, as some might put it should consider themselves to be very lucky and luck aside I believe they definitely are a happier lot as compared to to others.
At that particular age is the very first time you actually start gaining a perspective of the world around you and how to apply yourselves in it, but essentially though you are still unformed. To put it from an academic perspective lets say in the machine of the world if  we were all Gears!( :D don't start laughing it is an interesting comparison) then by the age I am speaking of only the core of the gears have formed and  the tooth are yet to take shape.

You have the basic sense of all the good and bad, the beautiful and ugly, the interesting and boring stuff, but the edges aren't trimmed, the discretion about the issues is largely vague and not fine tuned yet.
Now, if you fall in love with another person at this stage you finish your characteristics together and each one would have seen what the other person is at his basic level and hence the understanding for each other is at its greatest.

Coming back to gears comparison. Each one would have witnessed each others core i.e  each one knows what the soft spots of the other person are, each one has an understanding of where you would yield and where you have your cracks, weakness and can compensate accordingly. More important than the core; the tooth of the gears of the two personalities in question will be a perfect fit with the least amount of friction as they work together ( while they try and lead there lives in the WORLD MACHINE... ROFL it does sound funny).

In comparison if u take up people after they have grown up (i.e after they have passed the stage that I have described). They always have issues with their partners, there could be mistrust owing to the lack of knowledge on what the other person actually stands for and believes in. ( The gears have a lot of friction now) and it gets harder as time passes by to find the one with whom you'll be as happy as the other bunch.

There are a number of other comparisons I could further make such as adjustments to forced fits and compromises ...etc. etc. but I would leave it to the readers wonderful imagination to think for themselves.

At the end of it though I realized one thing you shouldn't develop heavy biases and extremely narrow views on big subjects( which is bad in general also) until you meet your life partner.Try having a bigger core and refrain developing your Gear tooth yet :D ........

~ Visa from his home sweet home.


  1. Hmm.. Simple! Something I would never be able to say about the way I felt my first love.

    Thanks for the words Visa.

  2. Your welcome Teju..

    sandy: em endo emo?