Monday, April 26, 2010

System guide

And I was wondering the other day,( having declared the world around me as a system or rather a combination of various systems in the previous post) is it possible to arrive at some ground rules for the functioning of the system.....for some systems  we already know the rules, for example we already know about the system called gravity and what its behaviour is and are not mystified by it in fact we use this knowledge to forward our own causes about this system we are at quite an advanced stage wherein we are able to predict this systems behaviour with precision of a mathematical equation...but originally we started off with the ground rule that gravity is some kind of force existing between masses that pull them towards each other.....and what I want to figure out is something of that sort . What guides life?.....the immediate answer I suppose I would get  if i conduct a survey among the masses is that ...God guides life...but that is not answering the question its just giving up on it ( most of the things since the cave man time that one couldn't explain have been given the name God)...and I realized as I was reading what was just written, I used the word life in my question.....and before we move any further....what is life?....................
........(to be continued .... much later)