Sunday, September 14, 2008

Imagine this!

Imagine a system so advanced you don't even need to make a effort to climb it and once your in it the highly advanced technology enables you to stand without taking support from anything,
in fact the evolutionary systems within it are at such an advanced stage that , when your stop comes you just need to make sure your at the right spot so that it takes care that you get down in time. Also the high fidelity, crystal clear public address system makes sure that you never miss out on the station that is coming by(its as if some beside you is shouting in your ear the name of the next station). And believe me, when i say that it offers you such comforts that you can play cards, you can have a nice time with your girlfriend, listen to songs on any volume level that you want to. Now if you are jumping to conclusions that all this technology must be owned only by the super rich and super famous believe me you have dipped your self in some dal tadka. In fact the technology is so affordable that it is used by the poorest sections of the society, and of course hot chicks and cool dudes do get attracted to take a ride in it daily!!.

No wonder bal thackrey wants all non Maharashtrians to leave Mumbai!!

:D :D

Jokes apart there is not a single over exaggerated statement in the above paragraph.
I am 100% correct when I say that u don't need an effort to climb the train (just stand at the entrance at the office rush hour times and the crazy crowds just push you you into the train).
I am not wrong when I say you don't need to catch anything so that you don't fall ( the trains are so tightly packed that you hardly twitch a muscle so let lone the space for you to fall).
I am absolutely right again when i say that it has a hi fi public address system ( there is always a guy beside you shouting the coming stations name and asking you to get down or move aside).
Oh yeah if you were thinking I must have absolutely exaggerated the playing cards thing!! you have again dipped yourself in dal tadka, me and my friends have found a batch of office goers who happen to get into the train at the first stop and travel till last stop i guess so they get a whole block of seats for themselves and play cards in the morning rush hour!!and about
the romancing in train hmm love does not discriminate, love does not see, love does not smell, so you can always do it in the local train. :D

Now putting the jokes really, really away in my trunk and locking it up.

Believe me when i say there is no Mumbai without the local trains, day in and day out the arrive at almost the scheduled time to take you to your temples of cash and get you back to your home sweet home. They have a history, they have a heritage that one can be proud of as an Indian. yes they are shabby yes they don't look beautiful but they do their jobs without failing you. Even though one loathes them daily for having to travel in such conditions(ultra tech conditions :P) one cannot do without them.

that is the beauty of the local trains in Mumbai that is the status they enjoy in Mumbai. and hey good news for mumbaikers the railways are getting new coaches and they sure look good...

p.s let me leave you with some amazing facts

  • The system carries more than 6.1 million commuters on a daily basis and constitutes more than half of the total daily passenger capacity of the INDIAN RAILWAYS itself.
  • This was also the oldest railway system in Asia. The first train ran between Mumbai and Thane, a distance of 34 km
  • go to wiki to take a look at the new locals they are quite good.

p.p.s: next post is on the hot and not so hot chicks of Mumbai :) :D :P!!


  1. What makes mumbai my second favorite city(after hyd, ob) is the railway system, just love it. Totally agree with VISA on the technology part. In fact, the automatic boarding system was the first thing I learnt about mumbai. It just rocks.

    Good post VISA. Actually the blogger inside me is rising to the surface while I was reading it. :D

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  3. nice one king.. but plz improve your grammar

  4. hail KING_V
    i dipped my self in dal tadka :P

  5. Nice one dude....difficult to imagine Mumbai without forgot to mention the bhajan mandalis.